Investment Planning Solutions

Basic philosophy:
Our philosophy of personal investment planning is to work with you in a professional and confidential manner.  When gathering information, your attitudes, goals and investment objectives are equally as important as the facts surrounding your current financial condition.  The most appropriate plan is the plan that is objective and unbiased.  It is our goal to become your chief financial advisor and to provide appropriate education about your financial affairs and to have you take an active role in your financial goals.

Investment Planning Principles:

Our approach to sound investment planning is to gather all reliable and useful information about your current personal financial situation.  In addition, your personal goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance are to be considered as a critical part of the total investment plan.  When all the required information has been gathered, it will be analyzed in an objective manner and used to develop recommendations appropriate for these specific circumstances.  At your request, we'll implement the recommendations and provide an annual review of the plan we have adopted.

Planning Services Offered:

The planning services offered reflect a life cycle approach to planning for future needs.  The cycle may be viewed as having three phases each with an appropriate plan for that phase.  These phases and their respective plans are:  Family Focus-Financial Profile, Financial Independence-Retirement Analysis, and Estate Conversion-Estate Transfer Analysis.  In addition to investment plans, we may provide separate financial, investment or pension consulting services to clients.  We may also make referrals to third party money managers.

Compensation Structure:

Our compensation is derived from fees and or from commissions.  Should a client elect to implement investment and or insurance recommendations through Investment Planning Solutions, we may receive commissions through NEXT Financial Group, Inc., our broker/dealer, or from any insurance company with whom we place a policy. Any client is free to implement our recommendations with any licensed registered representative or insurance agent.  With respect to money manager referrals, there will be a fee sharing arrangement with the manager.